Funding – Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)

Under Section 25 of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) Act, the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council may assess all entities that form part of a regulated sector with respect to all expenses and expenditures that the Ministry of Finance, the Commission and the Tribunal have incurred. The Minister of Finance is authorized to establish fees with respect to the regulated sectors for services provided by FSCO.
In determining the administration of the funding system, FSCO has established that it will:
  • Be fair
  • Reflect the use of FSCO resources
  • Enable reasonable predictability of regulatory costs
  • Be simple to administer
  • Be flexible and easily modified
FSCO has also made a commitment to the following principles in carrying out its funding system:
  • Revenues will not exceed forecast expenditures for each sector;
  • Disruption will be minimized and changes will take into account the effect of assessments and fees on the marketplace; and
  • FSCO will be accountable to its stakeholders for the efficiency and quality of the services delivered.