A change to how you pay your licensing/regulatory fees

Effective April 30, 2017, in order to continue to be able to pay by credit card or Interac online when applying to FSCO to obtain/renew your licence or pay regulatory fees, your web browser security setting must be set/enabled to support version TLS 1.2. This is because Ontario Payment Gateway, the Ontario Government's official payment processing service, is upgrading its system.


What you need to do:

It is highly recommended that you use Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 7.0.3 and you have the following internet requirements in place before applying for a licence online.
  1. A secure high-speed internet connection via Cable, DSL or wireless access
  2. JavaScript enabled
  3. Cookies enabled
  4. Pop-ups enabled
  5. 128-bit encryption enabled
  6. Security protocol TLS 1.2

How do I know if my browser has the right security system (TLS 1.2)?

  • Go to https://www.howsmyssl.com [New Window]
  • Focus on the “version” section in the top left corner. If you receive a score of “improvable”, “probably OK” or “bad”, then your version is likely less than TLS 1.2 (e.g. SSL, TSL 1.0, TLS 1.1) and you may experience errors when you try to make and process a payment.
  • To correct this, you may need to change/upgrade the browser you are using (recommended browser versions include Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 7.0.3).
  • You may also need to enable TLS 1.2.

How do I enable TLS 1.2?

To enable TLS 1.2 on Microsoft Internet Explorer:
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. From the menu bar, click ToolsInternet Options > Advanced tab
  3. Scroll down to Security category, manually check the option box for Use TLS 1.2 
  4. Click OK
  5. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer

Apple Safari

There are no necessary actions to enable TLS. If you are using Safari version 7 or greater, TLS 1.2 is automatically enabled.