Annual Report 2016-2017

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Public Inquiries and Complaints


FSCO responds to inquiries for information and reviews stakeholder and consumer complaints about the sectors it regulates.


By tracking and monitoring the types of inquiries and complaints it receives, FSCO can identify practices that may be harmful to consumers and the marketplace or that may violate legislation, regulations or FSCO’s rules and procedures. Tracking also helps FSCO identify issues or trends where consumer or stakeholder education may be required.


The number and type of inquiries to which FSCO responds each year varies widely. They are influenced by the economic environment, and changes to legislative and regulatory requirements.


FSCO’s contact centre is the first connection point for consumers and stakeholders, providing general information and support in response to telephone inquiries or correspondence.


Inquiries to FSCO’s Contact Centre 2016-17

Inquiries to FSCO’s contact centre 2016-17 

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For more complex or specific issues related to licensing, market conduct or pensions, FSCO staff work directly with the applicable sectors to help consumers and stakeholders get the information they need.


Licensing Compliance Inquiries 2016-17

Licensing compliance inquiries 2016-17 

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Market Conduct Inquiries 2016-17

Market conduct inquiries 2016-17 

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Pension Inquiries 2016-17

Pension inquiries 2016-17 

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Complaints are a crucial market conduct signal for both industry and regulators. Reviewing complaints is an important component of FSCO’s risk-based approach to market conduct oversight.


FSCO reviews complaints that allege non-compliance with legislation or regulations in any of the sectors it regulates. Where there is a contravention, FSCO takes appropriate enforcement action. While not all complaints result in a finding of contravention of the law, access to a review process is important to maintain public confidence in the financial services marketplace and in pension plans.


FSCO monitors the conduct of the entities it oversees to ensure they comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Market conduct complaints generally relate to concerns about the actions or behaviours of regulated entities. 


Market Conduct Complaints 2016-17


Market conduct complaints 2016-17

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Pension Complaints 2016-17

Pension complaints 2016-17 

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