Corporate Reports

 Agency Business Plan

Under the Ontario Government’s Agencies & Appointments Directive, FSCO is required to develop and submit an Agency Business Plan on a yearly basis to the Minister of Finance for approval. The plan must cover a minimum three-year planning horizon. Once the Minister of Finance has approved the plan, it is considered valid and is published on FSCO’s website.


The Agency Business Plan outlines FSCO’s strategic direction and priorities. It provides an overview of current and future activities and projects for a three year period. It includes information on FSCO’s mandate, environment, strategic direction, programs and activities, human resources, budget, risk management and performance measurement.  FSCO’s Agency Business Plan also includes related information about the Financial Services Tribunal and the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

Annual Reports


The annual report includes the Report of the Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, the Report of the Financial Services Tribunal, the statement of the Office of the Provincial Auditor, a Statement of the Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund, the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund Financial Statements and the Superintendent’s Report on Insurance.

Statement of Priorities


Section 11 of the FSCO Act requires FSCO to "deliver to the Minister of Finance and publish in The Ontario Gazette each year a statement setting out the proposed priorities of the Commission for the fiscal year in connection with the administration of this Act and all other Acts that confer powers on or assign duties to the Commission or the Superintendent."





Superintendent's Report on Insurance


The Superintendent's Report on Insurance provides financial information on insurance companies doing business in Ontario. The information is obtained from companies' annual filings to FSCO and, in the case of federally registered insurance companies, to the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.