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Superintendent of
Ontario Coat of Arms
Surintendant des

REGARDING the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006, S.O. 2006, c.29 (the “Act”), in particular sections 7, 19, 21, 38 and 39




Pursuant to the filed Minutes of Settlement and Undertaking, I hereby order the mortgage agent licence of Mark Edwards be subject to the following conditions until the earlier of December 31, 2014 or such time as the Agent ceases to be licensed as a mortgage agent:

  1. Mark Edwards shall work as a mortgage agent only on the basis that the principal broker at his affiliated brokerage review and co-sign all mortgage applications prepared and submitted by Mark Edwards and review all of Mark Edwards activities relating to dealing or trading in mortgages;

  2. Mark Edwards shall ensure the principal broker at his affiliated brokerage report in writing to the Superintendent on a quarterly basis to inform the Superintendent whether or not all mortgage applications submitted by Mark Edwards have complied with the law and with good business practice and whether the Mark Edwards has accessed or used the Equifax system for any purpose other than the required steps in dealing and trading in mortgages. The first of these reports relating to the quarter ended March 31, 2014 is due April 30, 2014.

  3. Mark Edwards agrees to complete an ethics course acceptable to the Superintendent by February 28, 2014;

  4. Mark Edwards will act as a mortgage agent exclusively for the brokerage listed on his application as the brokerage he intends to work for and will not transfer his licence to another brokerage without the prior written approval of the Superintendent; and

  5. Mark Edwards will notify the Superintendent immediately in writing if he is charged with, or convicted of, any offences under any federal or provincial law, or the law of any other country or territory while licensed as a mortgage agent in Ontario.

DATED at Toronto, Ontario, this 30th day of January, 2014.

Original Signed By

Grant Swanson, Executive Director
Licensing & Market Conduct Division
Financial Services Commission of Ontario

by Delegated Authority from the
Superintendent of Financial Services

© Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2014