Recent Enforcement Actions - Multiple Sectors

Below is a listing of the enforcement actions FSCO has taken in the past 60 days in the following regulated sectors: Insurance, mortgage brokering, credit unions & caisses populaires, and loan & trust corporations.


Last Name, First Name and/or Company NameRegistrant / EntityTypeRegistrant NumberEnforcement ActionAction DateFST HearingAppeal or Judicial Review
Vasquez, Walkira Insurance Agents07097810Administrative Monetary PenaltySep 28, 2017
Falcon, Marlene Insurance Agents06092959Administrative Monetary PenaltySep 18, 2017
Sanchez, John Insurance Agents94018843Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 30, 2017
Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc. Insurance Corporate Agencies24263MAdministrative Monetary PenaltyAug 30, 2017
Singarayar, Karunathirajah Insurance Agents Application DeniedAug 28, 2017
Arasaratnam, Arasakumaran Mortgage BrokersM10002705Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 21, 2017
Bott, Steven Insurance Agents95030447Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 21, 2017
Hardy, Rick Mortgage AgentsM08002416Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 21, 2017
Meredith, John Mortgage BrokersM08000189Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 21, 2017
CityCan Financial Corporation Mortgage Brokerages10532Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 21, 2017
Manigbas, Nimfa Insurance Agents12127102Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 17, 2017
Miralles, Romeo Insurance Agents12126434Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 17, 2017
Grenville Mutual Insurance Insurance Companies 0625Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 17, 2017
Dhaliwal, Narpinder Mortgage AgentsM11002261Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 17, 2017
Rice, Justin Insurance Agents12126434Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 17, 2017
Salehi, Alireza Mortgage Agents Application DeniedAug 10, 2017
Challenger, Christopher Health Care Providers Administrative Monetary PenaltyAug 09, 2017
Mpire Credit Corporation Mortgage Brokerages10800Order to RevokeAug 08, 2017
Cavanagh, Michael Mortgage BrokersM08000825Application DeniedAug 08, 2017
Platinum Health Benefits Solutions Inc. Insurance Agents33435MAdministrative Monetary PenaltyAug 01, 2017
Guglielmi, Michael Insurance Agents08106278Administrative Monetary PenaltyJul 28, 2017

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Information about FSCO's enforcement actions in the pension sector appear in FSCO's Pension Bulletin Online.

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