Minor Injury Treatment Protocol

The Final Report of the Minor Injury Treatment Protocol Project, titled "Enabling Recovery from Common Traffic Injuries: A Focus on the Injured Person" (Final Report) was delivered to FSCO at the end of December 2014. The Final Report recommends treatment based on extensive research by world renowned medical and scientific experts. The research complies with rigorous scientific methodologies and research protocols.
To review the Final Report please visit the following link:
For your convenience, the following tool summarizes the recommendations in the Final Report:
In addition, the research material referenced in the Final Report is currently available by contacting FSCO at cti@fsco.gov.on.ca

Project Background

In the Superintendent’s report on the Five Year Review released in 2009, a recommendation was made to develop a treatment protocol for minor injuries that reflects current scientific and medical literature.  This recommendation was accepted by the government and confirmed in the 2012 Ontario Budget, which acknowledged that newer scientific and evidence-based approaches can be applied to the treatment of minor injuries resulting from automobile accidents. 
In fulfilling this recommendation, Dr. Pierre Côté, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, was awarded the consulting contract to develop the Minor Injury Treatment Protocol (MITP) after an open competitive RFP process.
Scientists and other experts have contributed to the development of an evidence-based Minor Injury Treatment Protocol (MITP) that will form the basis of a new Minor Injury Guideline, subject to government approval. If approved, the MITP will be used by insurers and health care providers when treating minor injuries resulting from automobile accidents, and ensure that there is an extensive continuum of care based on current scientific and medical evidence.
The MITP includes clinical prediction rules to screen for patients who may be at higher risk for developing chronic pain and disability. In addition, it focuses on treatment outcomes, and provides health care providers with numerous milestones to measure progress.

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