Checklist - Ask the Right Questions about Auto Insurance

Ontario Law requires that all owners or lessees of a motor vehicle be insured under a contract of automobile insurance. Auto insurance is a mandatory product and while there are minimum limits required by law, depending on your financial needs and circumstances you may need more coverage.  If you are dealing with a broker – he or she deals with multiple companies and therefore may present you with more than one quote. 


To help you find an auto insurance policy that fits your needs, an insurance agent, broker or company will need to ask questions about the use of your vehicle, where you live, who will drive the car including their age and gender and the specifics of the vehicle. They want this information to understand how much basic coverage you need as well as what optional coverages would be helpful given your particular situation. There are also questions you should ask the insurance company or agent so you can better understand the auto insurance policies they have to offer. Ask these questions before settling on a particular type of policy:


Can you provide me with more than one auto insurance option to review? I’d like to compare them and see what the differences are.

What and how much are the coverages in this auto insurance policy?

Are there any exclusions to this auto insurance policy I should be aware of? Can you give me an example of when this exclusion would happen?

Are there any optional coverages I should consider?

Please break down the premium costs to me for each optional coverage I have selected.

If I pay monthly is there a charge for that?

Does this policy also cover other drivers who drive my vehicle?

Are there deductibles and if so, how much are they?

How will my premium be affected if I am in an accident? Is there a first time accident waiver in the policy?

If I get into an accident, who should I contact?

Is there specific information I should collect if I’m in accident?

May I travel outside of the country with my insurance?

What discounts does the insurance company offer? Do I qualify for any of them?

Is there a discount if I combine my auto and home insurance? If so, what is it?

Who do I call if I need to ask a question or file a claim?

Do I live in an area that is more prone to risks? Is there anything I can do to protect my vehicle against these risks?

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