Ridesharing and auto insurance in Ontario

Ridesharing services use mobile apps to connect paying passengers with drivers who use their personal vehicles. Sounds simple, right? But do you have the proper insurance coverage?


FSCO-approved insurance policy covers Uber drivers, passengers and vehicle owners

The Superintendent of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) approved an auto insurance policy that covers all Uber drivers, passengers and vehicle owners in Ontario from the moment the Uber app is turned on to the moment passengers exit the vehicle.

The policy was developed by Intact [New Window], an insurance company, in partnership with Uber [New Window] and does not cover drivers when the Uber app is turned off. In those cases, the vehicle owner’s personal auto insurance policy applies.

Uber drivers don’t need to do anything or be Intact customers to get this coverage, which came into effect on July 7, 2016.


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What about other ridesharing platforms?

The Intact policy only covers ridesharing that uses the Uber app. The policy does not cover ridesharing for other companies.

If you use or drive for other ridesharing companies, you may not be protected under your own personal auto policy against certain damages and losses or in case of injury to yourself or others.

Find out if you’re covered. Check with your auto insurance representative and ridesharing company. The proper coverage must protect vehicle owners, drivers, passengers and others.

Inform your personal auto insurer

Uber drivers and all vehicle owners who use their personal vehicles to carry paying passengers should inform their brokers or personal auto insurers. Please note that insurers are not required to insure ridesharing activities and may cancel or not agree to renew a policy whether or not they’re informed.

The auto insurance market in Ontario is competitive and consumers should shop around for the best possible rates and coverage that meets their needs.


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Important information for Uber drivers

The Intact policy may differ from your personal policy

Coverages provided under the Intact policy may be different from the coverages and options you have with your personal auto insurer. Review the coverages provided by Intact carefully. Talk to Intact and Uber as well as your broker or personal auto insurer for additional information and advice.


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Amount of coverage under the Intact policy

The amount of coverage under the Intact policy for Uber drivers may vary depending on whether the driver has accepted a request using the Uber app. The coverage can also be affected by requirements of the municipality. Talk to Intact and Uber for more details about the coverage. Talk to municipal officials for details about municipal requirements. 

Using the electronic insurance card

FSCO has also approved the use of an electronic insurance card (pink slip), enabling you to show proof of coverage to the police while engaged in ridesharing for Uber. You will be able to access the insurance card through the Uber app. The e-insurance card is activated when you are logged in to the Uber app.

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Making an insurance claim after an accident

To help make a claim, Uber drivers should take down all the details of the accident. If the app is turned on when the accident occurs, contact Intact about making a claim and notify your personal auto insurer. If the app is turned off at the time of the accident, contact your broker or personal auto insurer to make a claim. Also, be prepared to share your insurance information with other motorists and any pedestrians who may have been involved in the accident.


Important information for Uber passengers

Making an insurance claim after an accident

Passengers in Uber vehicles that are involved in an accident should take down all the details of the accident to make an insurance claim.

Because the Intact policy provides coverage for passengers, contact Intact about making a claim. You can get the Intact policy information from the Uber driver. You should also contact your personal auto insurance company, agent or broker for information and advice.

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Learn more

Find out more about auto insurance in Ontario.


Read about Ontario Modernizing Auto Insurance System to Protect Ride-Sharing Consumers [New Window].

Learn about Intact's policy for Uber [New Window].

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