Understanding Rates/An Interactive Tool

It is important that you understand your auto insurance policy as you have choice and flexibility over your coverages and the price you pay for auto insurance. You have options that will allow you to customize your policy to best suit your individual needs and budget.
While the standard Auto Insurance Policy is the same across Ontario, prices vary by company. This is because insurance companies base their prices on their claims experience in the marketplace, as well as a variety of risk factors. Not all insurance companies use the same number of risk factors, or place the same amount of significance on those risk factors.
Although the interactive rate comparison tool will not provide you with your own specific rate, it will demonstrate the wide range of rates that are available for the same coverage and how shopping around can result in a lower premium.
While the law determines the standard coverages that you are required to purchase, there are choices you can make to help you purchase the coverage that best meets your needs and budget. For example, you can coordinate your auto insurance with private disability coverage, or individual or group health insurance, and opt out of additional coverages. The interactive rate comparison tool shows how selecting certain coverage options impacts the price you pay for auto insurance. 

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