Rate Filing Process FAQs

  1. What is ARCTICS?

  2. The Automated Rates and Classifications Technical Information Communication System (ARCTICS) facilitates the electronic submission of rate and risk classification filings and other automobile insurance filings. Effective January 2011, insurers are required to file exclusively using ARCTICS.   If you want to register someone from your company as a user of ARCTICS, please contact Jennifer Scott at jscott@fsco.ca or 416-226-7868.


  3. What legislation applies to a rate filing in Ontario?

  4. Both the Insurance Act, R.S.O. 1990 and Automobile Insurance Rate Stabilization Act, 2003


  5. When can a simplified filing be submitted instead of a full major filing?

  6. As set out in our Filing Guidelines, the simplified filing guidelines may be used instead of the private passenger major guidelines when the changes you are proposing, meet the following criteria:


    • On an all coverages combined basis, the proposed rate level change must be less than or equal to 0.0%.
    • Any territorial base rate change must be between 10.0% to 0.0%
    • Any other changes to differentials or risk classification elements must be between 10.0% to 0.0%, with no off-balancing
    • Changes to existing risk classification elements (including discounts/surcharges, rating variables and rules) are permitted as long as the impact of such changes is a reduction or no change in the resulting rate to the consumer.
    • No changes are permitted to the rating algorithm.

    Detailed information including the filing process for simplified filing is available at Filing Guidelines


  7. What is “CLEAR”?

  8. In our webcast on Navigating the Rate Filing Process, we use the word ‘Clarity’ instead of clear. That is to avoid confusion as when we use the word CLEAR in auto insurance in Canada, we all understand that this refers to the Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating system. FSCO must approve your rate filing before you implement the CLEAR system. More information is available on our website.

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