Auto insurance companies' claimant satisfaction survey for 2004



No. A-06/04
- Auto
Property & Casualty
[To the attention of all insurance companies licensed to
transact automobile insurance in Ontario ]

With this bulletin, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is releasing its seventh annual Claimant Satisfaction Survey requirements for property and casualty insurance companies that write Ontario private passenger automobile insurance business.


Insurers are required to file the tabulated results of the survey with FSCO by May 14, 2004.

FSCO reviews and analyses all surveys to ensure that the data submitted complies with all the requirements set out in the Guidelines for Ontario Auto Insurance Claimant Satisfaction Research (Guidelines). Companies that fail to comply with the Guidelines will have to resubmit their results.


A common problem which has led to companies having to re-file their results is the failure of some research firms to maximize their interview attempts. Maximizing interview attempts is necessary to ensure a reasonable and credible sample of claimants. To make certain that companies and their market research firms are more efficient in this crucial step in the survey process, we have added new guidelines. See "Sample Selection" in the Guidelines.


Another problem has been that individuals with more than one claim were contacted more than once by the market research firm. To minimize the chances of a claimant being called more than once, new procedures have been added. See "Sample Size: Claims Closed Register".


Attached to this bulletin are the Guidelines and a set of questions and answers (Q's and A's) to assist you in undertaking the survey. Please ensure that your market research firm is aware of the Guidelines. This will reduce the need for firms to re-file their results and will ensure that FSCO can compile and release the survey results in a timely manner.


To ensure consistency in the data collected, companies are also reminded that they must retain a marketing research organization that is a member of the Canadian Association of Marketing Research Organizations (CAMRO).


In keeping with last year's approach, a survey of Facility Association (FA) claims will be conducted centrally and reported as a single result. Details for handling closed FA claims will be sent to FA servicing carriers.

Companies with less than $10 million in direct written premiums for Ontario private passenger automobile insurance, or with fewer than 300 closed claims in 2003, are not required to undertake the survey. Insurers must notify FSCO in writing if they qualify for an exemption from conducting the survey.


If you need additional information or if your company qualifies for an exemption from conducting the 2004 Claimant Satisfaction Survey, please contact: Jim Fox, Senior Advisor, Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, FSCO, at: (416) 590-7277; fax: (416) 590-8480; or via email:

Bryan P. Davies
Chief Executive Officer and Superintendent of Financial Services
March 23, 2004


Attachments (PDF):


  1. Guidelines for Ontario Auto Insurance Claimant Satisfaction Research for 2004 [PDF Document] Size: 202 kb
  2. Questions and Answers on Claimant Satisfaction Survey [PDF Document] Size: 20 kb

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