1998 wage table under Bill 164



No. A-1/98
- Auto
Property & Casualty
[To the attention of all insurance companies licensed
to transact automobile insurance in Ontario]

We are releasing, with this Bulletin, the 1998 update to the existing 1997 wage table that the Ontario Insurance Commission (OIC) circulated to property & casualty insurers and residual earning capacity designated assessment centres (DACs) through OIC Bulletin No. A-16/96, dated November 25, 1996.

Under the Guidelines for Designated Assessment Centres to Conduct Residual Earning Capacity Assessments, issued by the OIC in November 1996, residual earning capacity DACs are obligated to consult the relevant wage table for determining residual earning capacity assessments of statutory accident benefit claimants, who were involved in accidents that occurred between January 1, 1994 and October 31, 1996.


The attached 1998 Residual Earning Capacity Wage Table (Wage Table) lists the range of wages that are related to each category of occupation and a person’s years of experience in that occupation, as defined by Statistics Canada. The Wage Table for 1998 is to be used only for residual earning capacity DAC assessments conducted from January 1, 1998. Insurers were informed of the 1998 indexation percentage of 1.6% that is applicable from the start of 1998 through OIC Bulletin No. A-13/97 on December 8, 1997.


Please ensure that your claims and adjusting staff as well as your Dispute Resolution co-ordinators receive a copy of the 1998 Wage Table. The French-language version of the Wage Table is available upon request through the OIC Publication Request telephone line at (416) 590-7298, or it can be downloaded from the OIC’s Internet website at <http://www.ontarioinsurance.com>.


Dina Palozzi

January 27, 1998

ISSN # 1203-1305

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