Update on Designated Assessment Centres (DACs), Ontario Insurance Commission (OIC) Survey on Net Income Tables



No. A-03/95
- Auto
Property & Casualty
[To the attention of all insurance companies in the Province of Ontario
licensed to transact automobile insurance]
  1. Designated Assessment Centre Roster

    We are enclosing a revised roster of the Designated Assessment Centres (DACs) in Ontario.  This revised roster, dated February, 1995, replaces the one you received with OIC Bulletin No. 14/94, dated July 25, 1994.  This new roster includes updated facility names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and contact names. You should note that several facilities in Thunder Bay and London are no longer on the roster. Your claims and adjuster personnel should make note of these and other changes.

  2. Ontario Designated Assessment Centre Locations Maps

    Also enclosed is a collection of maps entitled Ontario Designated Assessment Centre Locations, to help reduce the time spent by your claims personnel, adjusters and claimants in locating the DACs in the province. The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) require that insurance companies refer claimants to a DAC that is closest to their residence.

  3. OIC Guidelines on Designated Assessment Centres

    Enclosed are copies of:

    - Guidelines for Designated Attendant Services Assessment Centres.

    - Guidelines for Designated Disability Assessment Centres.

    - Guidelines for Designated Medical and Rehabilitation Assessment Centres.

    These guidelines, dated January 1995, replace the Interim Guidelines issued as part of OIC Bulletin No. 16/94, dated September 9, 1994.  The new guidelines describe the process for referring insured persons to the DACs.

    The guidelines were established by the Accident Benefits Advisory Committee (ABAC), as is provided for in the SABS, following input received from the DACs, health care professionals and insurance companies.

  4. Revised Assessment of Attendant Care Needs (Form 1)

    The Assessment of Attendant Care Needs form has been revised to incorporate recent changes to the SABS.  Enclosed is a copy of the English-language version. The French-language version (Évaluation des besoins en soins auxiliares - Formule 1) was sent to you, as part of OIC Bulletin No. 28/94, dated December 30, 1994.

    To request camera-ready artwork, please send your request by fax to the attention of the Administrative Officer, Corporate Operations Branch, OIC, at (416) 590-7070.

  5. Mediation Report on Attendance by Claimants at DACs

    As part of the application process for mediation services at the OIC, we are requesting automobile insurance companies to inform the OIC whether a claimant has attended a DAC assessment.  Instructions on reporting this information will be included in the package forwarded to companies after we have received an Application for Mediation Services from a claimant.  Please send this information to the OIC's Dispute Resolution Group (DRG) by mail or fax.  The DRG's fax number is (416) 590-7077.

  6. Survey on Net Income Tables

    Also enclosed is a survey questionnaire on net income tables to be completed by all companies writing automobile insurance.

    Automobile insurance companies may be using the tables to compute net income from employment and self-employment and net collateral benefits under the SABS.  They were published on November 25, 1993 in accordance with sections 72 and 82 of the SABS.

    The survey seeks to find out which method that companies are actually using to calculate income replacement benefits: Companies are either referring to the Commission's net weekly income tables or to the detailed tax calculation in the SABS.

We are asking that you return this questionnaire to us by April 7, 1995.

D. Blair Tully

March 16, 1995

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