Identifying the self-employed for automobile insurance accident benefits



No. A-04/95
- Auto
Property & Casualty
[To the attention of all insurance companies in the Province of Ontario
licensed to transact automobile insurance]

To assist in the process of determining automobile insurance accident benefits for self-employed individuals in the province, the Ontario Insurance Commission (OIC) has released a guideline on the subject.


It was developed in response to the need for a clearer indication of the factors that should be borne in mind in determining who are self-employed persons. The guideline should also help to clarify the employment relationship between an individual and an employer.


This information was originally published in the April 22, 1995 edition of The Ontario Gazette - see the attached Guideline for Identifying Self-Employed Individuals.


D. Blair Tully
Commissioner of Insurance

April 25, 1995

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