The New OCF 11A and 11B Forms (Designated Assessment Referral Form and Summary Report Form) for Designated Assessment Centres



No. A-5/99
- Auto
Property & Casualty
[bTo the attention of all insurance companies licensed
to transact automobile insurance in Ontario]

With this Bulletin, we are releasing for Designated Assessment Centres (DACs) the new Designated Assessment Referral form (OCF-11A) and the Summary Report form (OCF-11B).


In consultation with the Minister’s Committee on the Designated Assessment Centre System (DAC Committee), the OCF 11 form has been revised and divided into two parts: the OCF-11A and the OCF-11B. The OCF-11A is to be used by insurers to refer a matter for a DAC assessment. The OCF-11B is to be used by the DAC as a report summary.


The primary purpose of these changes is to promote transparency in the assessment process, notify the claimant of the referral questions and the list of documents sent by the insurer, and eliminate the need for a covering letter from the insurer.


The Designated Assessment Referral form (OCF-11A) will continue to be completed by the insurer. Two new sections have been added to the form: Part 5, the referral question(s) asked by the insurer of the DAC; and Part 6, the list of documents included with the referral package.


As was the previous practice, the insurer will send the OCF-11A to the DAC. The insurer will now also send a copy of the OCF-11A to the claimant. This will ensure that there is full disclosure of both the referral questions and the material sent to the DAC. It is the claimant’s responsibility to provide the DAC with any other documents, such as recent test results, which may be useful in completing the assessment.


By copying the claimant on the OCF-11A, the claimant will be made aware of his/her responsibility to provide the DAC with any additional information before the start of the DAC assessment. The requirement for more complete information will enable the DAC to conduct a more comprehensive assessment and better assist insurers and claimants in the resolution of disputes.


The OCF-11A form replaces covering letters from the insurer to the DAC, as the form will contain all the information necessary to start the assessment. With objective information provided at the outset, the DAC will be better able to provide neutral, unbiased reports.


The Summary Report (which was a section of the former OCF-11) is now a separate form referred to as the OCF-11B. The OCF-11B will be completed by the DAC. A completed assessment report will contain OCF-11A (basic information), the OCF-11B (summary of assessment findings), and the assessment reports with signatures of the primary assessors.


Insurers are hereby directed to cease the practice of including covering letters with the referral packages.

The neutrality of DACs is paramount. By using this form, DACs may maintain their objectivity in completing unbiased, comprehensive assessments in a transparent process to assist both parties.



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If you need additional information or clarification on the new OCF-11A and OCF-11B forms, please contact FSCO's Accident Benefits Analysis Unit at (416) 590-7137; fax (416) 590-7265.

Dina Palozzi
Chief Executive Officer and
Superintendent of Financial Services
August 19, 1999


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