Guideline for selecting the nearest designated assessment centre



No. A-15/95
- Auto
Property & Casualty

To the attention of all insurance companies in the Province of Ontario
licensed to transact automobile insurance


Enclosed is a copy of the Guideline for Selecting the Nearest Designated Assessment Centre (Guideline).  This Guideline was published in the September 2, 1995 edition of The Ontario Gazette.

The Guideline outlines the procedure that should be taken when a Designated Assessment Centre (DAC) cannot meet the required intake time constraints when asked to provide an assessment.

The Ontario Insurance Commission (OIC) anticipates that this Guideline will result in a more efficient and responsive DAC processing system that will benefit the assessment centre community, the insurance industry and claimants.

Distribution of Guidelines to DR Co-ordinators, Claims and Adjusting Departments

Guidelines issued under the Insurance Act are important information documents.  The OIC, therefore, urges insurance companies to ensure that copies of these documents are provided to their claims and adjusting staff as well as their Dispute Resolution (DR) Co-ordinators who should note that the attached Guideline becomes B3-1 of the Dispute Resolution Practice Code.


D. Blair Tully

September 12, 1995


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