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Fraud Hotline

You are here: Automobile Insurance Fraud Hotline

Auto insurance fraud is a significant problem in Ontario and we all have a role to play in combatting it. Law enforcement, insurance companies and government rely on tips and information from the public to crack down on this crime. With your help, we can reduce abuse of our auto insurance system, lower premiums for drivers, and improve road safety for Ontarians.

If you suspect a case of auto insurance fraud, report it using the Fraud Hotline of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). Submit your tip online below or call 1-855-5TIP-NOW.

Important Info.

If you do not want FSCO to collect, use or share your personal information, you can submit your tip anonymously by excluding personal information about yourself in the tip.

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Notice of collection and use of personal information

Any personal information provided through the anti-fraud website or hotline is being collected by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario ("FSCO") under the authority of s. 3(a) of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario Act, 1997, S.O. 1997, c. 28 (“the Act”) [New Window], as part of FSCO’s role as a financial services regulator protecting the public interest. Section 5 of the Act [New Window] authorizes the Superintendent of Financial Services (Ontario) to collect personal information for the purpose of carrying out his duties and exercising his powers under the Insurance Act and other related legislation.

By submitting your tip, you consent to FSCO, its employees, agents and consultants, investigating the contents of your tip information and sharing it with other third parties as part of FSCO’s investigation process, including: any Canadian law enforcement agency; Canadian Federal or Provincial Government Ministry; Agency; Board or Commission; the Insurance Bureau of Canada; and the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers.

If you do not want FSCO to collect, use or share your personal information, you can submit your tip anonymously by excluding personal information about yourself in the tip.


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