Making a Claim for Property Damage

If you have sustained property damage as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you may make a claim to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVACF), provided the owner and driver of the at-fault vehicle are identified. You may not make a claim to MVACF for damages to a motor vehicle, uninsured or otherwise. MVACF’s property damage payout limit is $10,000.00 (inclusive of interest), per occurrence, plus costs. All payouts are subject to a $100 deductible.
Section 4 Applications
To make a claim for property damage, you must complete an Application. The application must be sent to MVACF with the following substantiating documentation:
  • Police Officer Report
  • Damage estimates and/or repair invoice
  • Notice of Collection of Personal Information form. These forms need only be signed and returned if the Application is being made on behalf of a private individual and not a business or entity
  • If an insurance policy is referenced on the police report; a letter from the insurer is required outlining when the insurance policy was cancelled (date and time) and the reason for cancellation 
In order to support MVACF's collection efforts, any claim in which the amount recoverable from MVACF exceeds $3,000.00 requires legal action. Circumstances may arise that require legal action to commence on claims that are less than $3,000.00.
For information on how to proceed with property damage claims that require legal proceedings, read Suing an Uninsured or Unidentified Motorist.
For more information about making a claim for property damage, please contact:
Claims Adjudication and Settlement Unit
Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund
Financial Services Commission of Ontario
5160 Yonge Street
P.O. Box 85
Toronto, ON M2N 6L9
Phone: (416) 250-1422 or
Toll Free: 1-800-268-7188
Fax: (416) 590-7076

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