Dispute Resolution Group-Companies Forum

​Minutes of Meeting March 27, 2014 

Attendees:                                                                         FSCO:

Mike De La Haye: Wawanesa (Chair)                          Asfaw Seife
Mark Cekuta, Unifund                                              Janine Macey              
Peggy Jacobs, Northbridge                                       John Lobo
Pierre Gravesande, Economical                                  Margaret Orlander
Antoinette Johnsen, The Co-operators                       Christina Pearce
Patrick Lau, Travelers Canada
Kelli Wright, Aviva
Barry Rosenthal, Belair Direct                                    GUESTS:
Robb Walker, Belair Direct              
Colin Quinn, Aviva                                                   Josh Grant
Fion Lau, Belair Direct                                              Francisco Liu
Phyllis Kuipers, Travelers (The Dominion)
Michelle Friedman, State Farm
Lindsey Carther, Cooperators
Susana Giugovaz, Cooperators
Mary Meany, Economical via teleconference
Maria Jolly, Unifund Claims via teleconference
Lynne Maritz, TD Insurance via teleconference
The Dispute Resolution Group – Companies Forum includes representative from auto insurance companies dealing with disputes before the Commission involving motor vehicle accident claims and Statutory Accident Benefits. It consults with the Dispute Resolution Group of Financial Services Commission of Ontario on issues relating to the dispute resolution system.
  1. Review and Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting – November 28, 2014
    Approved with amendments.

    Matters Arising from the Minutes
  2. E-Calendar for Arbitration Demonstration:                                 
    Senior Arbitrator J. Macey did a presentation on the enhanced DRCD-2 which is now available to law firms, lawyers, licensed paralegals and their firm’s employees, who will have the same functionality as Insurance Company employees. By registering for DRCD-2, access will also be provided to the new Arbitration E-Calendar.  Applicants with open arbitration files at FSCO will be given access on a read-only basis, if they have provided an email address.

    Once registered for this new system, users from insurance companies and law firms will be able to book arbitration pre-hearings and settlement discussions; report arbitration withdrawals and settlements on consent and see more information about their files.

    The User ID/password combination which is provided by FSCO will secure access to the personal and corporate data of their firm’s arbitration cases. Companies must identify an account manager to administer users internally.

    A tutorial video which is available on FSCO’s website was presented at the meeting.
  3. DRS  Report – Statistics and Staffing Updates  
    Asfaw Seife, Janine Macey and John Lobo provided statistical updates for Mediation, Arbitration and Appeals with reference to the reports distributed to members.

    Judicial Review:
    Updates since January 31, 2014 were provided in a memo from Asfaw Seife to Forum members and reviewed.

    Under Staffing:

    Mediation Unit:
    J. Lobo provided a staffing update that team leader and two short-term mediator positions, will be filled through competition shortly.

    Arbitration Unit:
    J. Macey informed members that two vacant arbitrators’ positions will be filled shortly.


Bill 171:

Margaret Orlander provided an update on Bill 171. To date, the government has taken action to address about half of the 38 recommendations made by Ontario's Auto Insurance Anti-Fraud Task Force aimed at preventing fraud and helping protect consumers, and is committed to addressing remaining recommendations over the coming months. An independent third-party has been contracted to assess the government’s efforts to reduce auto insurance costs and premiums. M. Orlander advised that transcripts of the second reading are available on the website.

DRS Process: 

In response to enquiries from M. Cekuta, A. Seife, Director, confirmed that there were no changes to DRS process at this time, following Justice Cunning-ham’s recommendations/report. Furthermore while the new DRCD 2 provides a platform for efiling, this capability has been placed on the back burner for now.

DRS Companies Forum Next Dates:  

Thursday May 29, 2014; Thursday September 4, 2014; Thursday December 4, 2014
and Thursday March 26, 2015

Next Meeting – May 29, 2014