Dispute Resolution Group - Companies Forum

​Minutes of Meeting March 10, 2016


Mike De La Haye, Wawanesa (Chair)

Mark Cekuta, DGIG 
Pierre Gravesande, Economical
Anthony Jorge, Northbridge
Maria Joshua, Sedgwick
Fion Lau, Belair Direct
Kim Thoms, Royal & Sun Alliance
Terri Urman, Unifund
Linda Watson, TD Insurance
Tania Shah, TD Insurance
Whitney Goodfellow, Northbridge
Colin Quinn, Aviva
Janine Simpson, DGIG (via teleconference)
Karen Creates, Northbridge (via teleconference) 


Asfaw Seife
Janine Macey
John Lobo
Tony Toy
Christina Pearce

LAT-SLASTO - Teleconference

Graham Boswell 
The Dispute Resolution Group – Companies Forum includes representative from auto insurance companies dealing with disputes before the Commission involving motor vehicle accident claims and Statutory Accident Benefits. It consults with the Dispute Resolution Group of Financial Services Commission of Ontario on issues relating to the dispute resolution system.


  1. Review and Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting – January 28, 2016.
    Approved with minor changes.

    Matters Arising from the Minutes
  2. DRS Status Report – Statistics and Staffing Updates
    John Lobo, Janine Macey and Asfaw Seife provided statistical updates for Mediation, Arbitration and Appeals with reference to the reports distributed to members.

    Judicial Review:
    Updates since January 28, 2016 were provided in a memo from Asfaw Seife to Forum members and reviewed.

    Under Staffing:

    Arbitration Unit:
    Janine Macey informed members that interviews are being conducted to fill 2 Arbitrator positions and the Senior Arbitrator Position.

    Appeals Unit:
    Asfaw Seife informed members that due to the increase in Appeal cases, an Appeal Officer will be appointed shortly.

Other Business:

Auto Insurance Dispute Resolution System (AIDRS) Project Update:
Mr. Graham Boswell, Counsel, LAT-SLASTO gave a presentation on the following:
  • The new Automobile Accident Benefits Service (AABS) takes effect on April 1, 2016.
  • Information sessions for legal and insurance company administrative staff who will be preparing AABS forms and supporting AABS cases will be held March 29 and 31; April 5 to 8 and April 12 to 15, 2016 at 655 Bay Street, 14th floor, Toronto.
  • A “Getting Ready” Package for AABS Participants is now available on the new launched AASBS website (http://www.slasto.gov.on.ca/en/AABS) [New Window] and to check under the “News” Tab for information and updates.
  • Proposed Licence Appeal Tribunal rule changes, reflecting the implementation of AABS, were posted for public comment in December. Feedback received and integrated. The updated Rules are posted online.
Questions and Answers period followed.
Standard Benefit Statement (SBS) and OCF 19
Tony Toy confirmed that the revised Standard Benefit Statement (SBS) and OCF -19, was posted on the FSCO website.

Next Meeting – May 26, 2016