Minutes of Meeting held on March 30, 2012


Members Present:                                                               

Audrey Ramsay (Chair)                         
Catherine Zingg
Philippa Samworth
Justin Mariani
Jeff Shinehoft
Katherine Kolnhofer
Stanley Pasternak
Jennifer Griffiths
Kadey Schultz
Jocelyn Tatebe
Joseph Rizzotto
Albert Conforzi
Joan Takahashi (via conference)
Nestor Kostyniuk (via conference)

FSCO Attendees                                          

Asfaw Seife
John Lobo                                                       
Philippe Rabot
Shayna Wiesenfeld
Isobel Fealdman                                    
Christina Pearce
  1. Meeting on January 27, 2012.
  2. Auditor General’s Report:
    Isobel Fealdman, Director, Strategic & Operational Planning, provided an update on FSCO’s initiatives to address the recommendations in the Auditor General’s Report. Discussion followed.
  3. Backlog Initiatives Update:
    John L. provided an update on the on-going mandatory settlement blitz days and the consent to fail process.

Mediation Backlog Reduction Initiatives:

Mandatory Settlement Blitz Days: Initiative has been successful in closing a significant number of files with a high rate of settlement. Ongoing bookings into February and March.
Consent Failures: Letters continue to be sent out with an attached form to claimants and insurers, starting with the oldest files, to consider the option of failing mediation upon mutual consent.
To date, there has been limited response.
  1. eCalendar Update:
    Since July 2011, when eCalendar was rolled on an optional basis over 4,868 mediation files have been registered online. The eCalendar was mandatory on February 1, 2012, subject to certain exceptions such as unrepresented applicants. More information is available on the website or by contacting the mediation enquiry line.
  2. Cornie et al v Security National et al AND Leon v State Farm:
    Asfaw Seife advised the appeal processes in these matters have not been exhausted. FSCO will provide an update as to changes, if any; regarding the operations of the Dispute Resolution Services FSCO once the appeals have been concluded. Both court matters are under appeal.
  3. DRS Status Report – Statistics and Staffing Updates
    John Lobo, Philippe Rabot and Asfaw Seife provided statistical updates for Mediation, Arbitration and Appeals with reference to the reports distributed to members.

    Judicial Review:
    Updates since November 2011 were provided in a memo from Asfaw Seife to Forum members and reviewed.
  4. Other Business:
    K. Shultz informed members that there will be an upcoming seminar on “3rd Annual Accident Benefits Joint Plaintiff and Defense” scheduled for April 20, 2012.  A seminar about the state of Accident Benefits, what’s here and what’s to come. A brochure will be made available to circulate to members who wish to register for the program.
Next Meeting – May 25, 2012