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Auto Insurance Dispute Resolution System

[Information] Beginning April 1, 2016, FSCO will no longer accept applications for mediation, neutral evaluation and arbitration. This includes applications for arbitration where the Report of Mediator is issued before or after April 1, 2016.

As of April 1, 2016, the Licence Appeal Tribunal of the Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunal Ontario (SLASTO) will assume all new applications for dispute resolution services.

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FSCO will continue to be responsible for all files remaining open as of March 31, 2016.
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The Case Management Portal (CMP) includes the Dispute Resolution Case Directory (DRCD) and the Arbitration eCalendar, Mediation eCalendar and Arbitrations and Appeals Decisions Database. CMP is a web application for parties to directly manage their cases with FSCO.
Employees of insurance companies, law and paralegal firms are able to:
  • Book arbitration pre-hearings and settlement discussions
  • Report arbitration withdrawals and settlements on consent
  • View more information about files, such as file status, next scheduled events, and notices of proceedings
  • Self-administer the firm’s access to the CMP
  • Download, search and sort file information in real time
  • Access the Arbitration Appeals and Decisions database
  • Receive notices electronically by e-mail
  • Access the Arbitration and Mediation e-Calendars
  • Access Reports of Mediator
Use of this portal is mandatory for FSCO arbitration files. Parties are no longer able to book arbitration proceedings through a FSCO case administrator, subject to certain exceptions.  
The portal was fully implemented in June 2014.
The following information pertains to the registration and operation of the DRCD:
If you have difficulty accessing the CMP and are an employee of an Insurance Company or a Law Firm, please contact your designated Account Manager. If the Account Manager cannot resolve the issue independently, s/he will contact FSCO for assistance.

Helpful Resources & Tips

  • What do I do if I have lost my login or password? Call DRS Mediation Inquiries at 416-590-7210 (or 1-800-517-2332, ext. 7210) to reset your password.
  • Who do I call if I have any difficulties using the eCalendar? Call DRS Mediation Inquiries at 416-590-7210 (or 1-800-517-2332, ext. 7210) for assistance.