Notice - Filing of 2018 Annual Return for Ontario - Extra provincial insurance companies licensed in Ontario

Detailed information is available on the Annual Returns and Instructions page of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website at


The Filing Information for Insurers Licensed in Ontario [PDF Document] Size: ## kb details the forms and reports required by Ontario.  We request that the 2018 annual returns be delivered in an electronic copy format (pdf, excel, ASCII file) as applicable versus a paper format as part of our process improvement measures.  Please note the insurer number on each document filed. 


Please note that February 28, 2019 is the deadline to file your annual return with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). April 17, 2019 is the deadline for reinsurers.


FSCO does not require any paper filings to be submitted.  You are required to file your Life-1 or P&C-1 filing in ASCII format.  Please forward your electronic documents to by the due dates noted above.  


If the company intends to change its licence status (i.e. discontinuing, withdrawing or merging) the Senior Registration Specialist should be contacted at (416) 226-7857, and if appropriate, adjustments will be made to the 2018 Preliminary Assessment.


If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (416) 226-7794 or