How to Resolve a Complaint About Insurance


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If you believe that Ontario's Insurance Act and/or regulations have been violated by your insurance company, agent or adjuster, you may request that Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) review the matter. To file a complaint, complete and submit the Business Activity Complaint Form [PDF Document] Size: ## kb to FSCO.

If you have a complaint about a insurance business activity and have been unable to resolve a grievance, alternatively you may choose to write to the FSCO and appeal for assistance.


Filing a Complaint

Step 1: Request a letter from the company's complaint officer stating the company's final position and advising you of the name and details of the independent Ombuds Service that can review the complaint.

Step 2: Write to the independent Ombuds Service referred to in the company's final position letter. Your letter should describe your complaint and why you disagree with the company's position. Ensure you enclose the insurance company's letter and all documentation relating to your complaint. This will assist the person assigned to review your complaint.

It is not necessary to hire a lawyer, but, if you have one, he or she may write the letter to the Ombuds Service on your behalf. If you are writing on behalf of someone else, include a note signed by that person, authorizing you to act for him or her. When it is not possible to obtain an authorization, explain the circumstances in writing.
Step 3: The Ombuds Service will assign a complaints officer to review your unresolved complaint. Your complaint will be reviewed and a response provided, outlining the process and what to expect.

Ombuds Services