Licensing Link: Online Insurance Licensing System

All licensing transactions for insurance agents must be completed online via Licensing Link: FSCO's online system for all insurance agent licensing transactions.

IMPORTANT: Ensure you meet the internet requirements (secure high-speed internet connection; JavaScript, cookies, pop-ups, 128-bit encryption and security protocol TLS 1.2 enabled). It is highly recommended that you use Internet Explorer 11.


Insurance Agents


Sign-in to Licensing Link for insurance agents if you would like to:


  • Renew Your Licence
  • Check your Licence Status
  • Download/Print your Licence*
  • Change your contact information
  • Update your errors and omissions insurance information
  • Update the list of insurance companies you represent

* Note: The option to download/print your licence is currently unavailable due to a technical upgrade. As a temporary measure you can print a screenshot of your Agent Licence Information page as proof of your licence status. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Insurance Companies


Sign-in to Licensing Link for insurance companies if you would like to:


  • Sponsor a New Agent
  • Renew an Existing Agent's Licence

A list of General Insurance forms can be found in FSCO’s Forms Directory.


These include:


  • Licensing Link Agreement (To be submitted by an insurer prior to first use of Licensing Link)
  • Prepayment Form (Used for prepayment of on-line life, general, accident & sickness agent licence applications or sponsored agent transfer applications)
  • Insurance Agent Corporate/Partnership Application/Renewal Form
  • Applications for the surrender of an Insurance Agent, Adjuster or Corporate/Partnership Licence



Search Licensing Link if you would like to:


Confirm the license status of an insurance agent.


Confirm the license status of an insurance company.


Confirm the license status of a corporateinsuranceagency or partnership.


Confirm the license status of an individualadjuster or adjustingcompany.


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