Checklist - Ask the Right Questions of Loan and Trust Corporations

Before deciding which loan and trust corporation you want to work with, you should consider asking questions so you can better understand what to expect:


What loan and trust services do you offer?

How are your services different from another loan and trust corporation? How are your services different from a bank, insurance corporation or credit union?

How will my deposit be invested or loaned? Do I have a say in how it will be invested or loaned?

How often can I review the investments made?

Will I receive a statement to tell me how my deposit is doing?

Does you corporation issue an annual report?

Are there fees associated with the service I want you to provide? If so, how much are they and how are they paid?

Do you accept third party fees, benefits or commission for placing my business or dealing on my behalf? If so, what does that fee structure look like?

What security measures are in place to ensure my privacy is protected?

How will you communicate with me if something requires my attention?

Am I able to move my deposit to another loan and trust corporation? Is there a fee for this?