Approved Mortgage Agent Education Programs

The Superintendent, FSCO has approved mortgage agent education programs for agent licensing purposes under the new Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006 (the Act):


The mortgage agent education programs are provided commercially, and tuition fees are set by individual program providers. Programs offered by different providers are developed using the same curriculum, but they can take different formats, such as classroom course, correspondence, or online. All of these approved programs include a course of study and a qualifying final examination.


Individuals who are required to successfully complete a mortgage agent education program on or after July 1, 2008 are encouraged to research the various options to ensure the program selected is appropriate for their needs.


Approved mortgage agent education providers include:


  • "Mortgage Agent Program" provided by Seneca College and the other community college members of OntarioLearn:

Other interested educators may apply for Superintendent approval of their new mortgage agent program at any time. Please refer to FSCO's "Criteria for Approving New Mortgage Agent Education Programs. (PDF) "


If you successfully completed one of the mortgage agent courses approved for the purpose of transition to the new Act before July 1, 2008 and you apply for a mortgage agent licence within two years of completing the course, you will meet the education requirements for licensing as an agent and do not need to take one of the new educational programs listed above.

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