FSCO Approved Errors and Omissions Insurance Providers (2019/09/25)

New Business and Renewals

Insurer Insurance Broker Contact(s) Telephone Numbers E-mail Address Website Other Information
AIG Insurance Company of Canada Various Brokers Candace Colquhoun (416) 596-3000 candace.colquhoun@aig.com http://www.aig.com/  
Encon Group Inc. LMS Prolink Ltd. Peter McCabe (416) 644-7730 peterm@lms.ca http://www.lms.ca/  
Intact Insurance Company, Western Division IDRIS Insurance Brokers Ltd. Deelyn McDowell 1 (800) 461-7737 ext. 242
(905) 508-7772
dmcdowell@idrisinsurance.com http://www.idrisinsurance.com/  
International Insurance Company of Hannover SE through A.M. Fredericks Underwriting Management Ltd. Various Brokers Nick Kandiuk (905) 428-1269 ext. 105 nick@amfredericks.com http://www.amfredericks.com/  
Lloyd’s Underwriters RDA Inc. Michael Phillippo
Peter Dickson
1 (800) 479-6450 ext. 2265
1 (800) 479-6450 ext. 2239
Michaelp@rdainsurance.com http://www.rdainsurance.com/  
Lloyd’s Underwriters Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. Paul Holman
Mark Holman
(905) 886-5630 Paul.holman@holmanins.com
Lloyd’s Underwriters through Special Risk Insurance Managers Ltd. InsureLine Tom Willie
Monica Worldring
(604) 888-0050
1 (888) 806-8090 ext. 205
Lloyd’s Underwriters through Evolution Insurance Inc. Various Justin Dubreuil (450) 621-2020 ext. 64 jd@evolutioninsurance.ca http://www.assurancesevolution.ca/en/  
Lloyd’s Underwriters as arranged by Trinity Underwriting Managers Various Brokers Salimah Ismail (416) 350-7346 SIsmail@trinityunderwriting.ca. http://www.trinityunderwriting.ca/.  
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (for existing clients only) Jones Brown Inc. Leslie Ducommun 1 (604) 609-2190
1 (866) 810-2099
lducommun@jonesbrown.com http://www.jonesbrown.com/  
Sovereign General Insurance Company Purves Redmond Dina Shenouda (416) 644-4032
1 (800) 465-1137
ext. 261
dshenouda@purvesredmond.com http://www.purvesredmond.com/  
Sovereign General Insurance Company through Premier Canada Assurance Managers Ltd. Various Brokers Brian Ashton (519) 850-1610 brian.ashton@premiergroup.ca http://www.premiergroup.ca/  


Restricted New Business and Renewals

Insurer Insurance Broker Contact(s) Telephone Numbers E-mail Address Website Other Information
CUMIS General Insurance Company N/A Bill Ballentine
Director, Risk Solutions Group
(905) 631-4927
1 (800) 263-9120 
ext. 614927
bill.ballentine@cumis.com   Coverage is only available for mortgage brokerages that are owned by credit unions, caisses populaires and their affiliates.
Zurich Insurance Company Limited BFL Canada Risk and Insurance Inc. Brian James Kelly,
Damage Insurance Broker, Vice-President and Team Leader
(514) 905-1782 bkelly@bflcanada.ca http://www.bflcanada.ca/ Approval is limited to one issued policy.


Renewals Only

Chubb Insurance Company of Canada



Association Association's Website Contact(s) Telephone Numbers E-mail Address Name of Plan
Mortgage Professionals Canada http://www.mortgageproscan.ca/ Peter Dickson
Wally Stevens
Director, Risk Solutions Group
1 (800) 479-6450 ext. 2239
1 (800) 479-6450 ext. 2388
info@MortgageProsCan.ca MPC Plan for Members
Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association http://www.cmbaontario.ca/membership-benefits/ Petra Keller
Events Co-ordinator
(416) 252-4622 ext. 4 Petra@cmbaontario.ca E&O providers recommended for CMBA members

Please be aware that the Real Estate Council of Ontario’s (RECO) E&O insurance policy for registered real estate brokers does not cover mortgage brokerages, administrators, brokers or agents. In addition, businesses or individuals that have E&O insurance under the Insurance Act (e.g., as an insurance brokerage, broker or agent) are not covered for mortgage brokering.