FAQs - Valuation and Division of Pension Assets on Breakdown of a Spousal Relationship

The rules for the valuation and division of pension assets upon breakdown of a spousal relationship came into effect on January 1, 2012.  Since then, FAQs related to family law matters have been added or revised, as necessary. Each FAQ shows the date of posting.
As of March 19, 2015, the FAQs have been renumbered in order to streamline the content. FAQs that are new or revised are identified with New and Revised buttons, respectively.
Archived FAQs are available under 'Archived Content' of the website, under Family Law.
NewCourt Decisions ​50 series
100 series​
​200 series
​300 series


​400 series
​500 series

Locked-in Accounts


​600 series
​700 series

Pension Benefits That are Not Subject to the Pension Benefits Act


​800 series
​900 series

Preliminary and Family Law Value (Imputed Value) Calculations


​1000 series

Purchased Pension Credits (Buybacks and Transfers)


​1100 series
​1200 series
​1300 series











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