Financial Statements Guidance Note Consultations

Final Document

Background Information
FSCO issued its first guidance related to financial statements to administrators/auditors in the form of Financial Statement Guidance Notes (FSGN).  This page provides a link to the paper (Financial Statements Guidance Note # 1 – Disclosure Requirements for Financial Statements Filed Pursuant to Regulation 909 s. 76 [PDF Document] Size: 627 kb) which will precede the formal issuance of the first Financial Statements Guidance Note.  All stakeholders are encouraged to review this document and submit their comments.  It was available for comment until October 25, 2012.
FSCO solicited pension stakeholders’ comments on FSCO’s expectations for financial statements disclosure in regards to:
  1. Statement of Changes in Pension Obligations;
  2. Interest in a Master Trust;
  3. Capital Management (including SIP&P and Contributions); and
  4. Financial Instruments.

How to Provide Comments

There are several ways to submit your comments on the FSGN # 1 paper.
  1. You may send your comments by email to: Please include in the subject line of your email “Financial Statements Guidance Note.”  
  2. You may mail your comments to:  

    Attention:  Pension Policy Unit
    Financial Services Commission of Ontario
    5160 Yonge Street, Box 85
    Toronto ON M2N 6L9  

    Please include a subject line in your letter referencing “Financial Statements Guidance Note”.  
  3. You may send your comments by fax to (416) 226-7787. Please include a subject line in your fax referencing “Financial Statements Guidance Note.”
If you need clarifications on the Financial Statements Guidance Note prior to submitting your response, please contact:   
Hirsh Tadman, Senior Pension Policy Analyst
Tel: (416) 226-7875
Please note that we will publish the feedback you send to us as part of our response to the consultation. If you wish your comments to remain anonymous, please state this explicitly in your response.  We will take the necessary steps to meet your request.  However, please be aware that, should we receive a formal request under Freedom of Information legislation, we may be required to disclose your response, subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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