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Plan Administrator FAQs

This page is intended to provide plan administrators with answers to general pension questions that arise in their day to day pension activities. A notation indicating the month and year of posting follows each answer. New questions and answers will be added as they arise.


The questions and answers are general in nature and may not apply to a specific pension plan or situation. Every effort has been made to provide clear and accurate responses; however, these answers may not be applicable to all situations.


The plan administrator is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the pension plan is administered in accordance with the Pension Benefits Act (PBA). Therefore, the plan administrator is encouraged to seek clarification of specific questions from its service providers or FSCO. 


Questions related to a specific pension plan should be addressed to the Pension Officer responsible for that plan. This information is available through FSCO's Pension Plan Information Access. General questions not related to a specific pension plan may be directed to the Contact Centre.

General Questions from Pension Plan Administrators


 Questions currently posted here relate to:





Phased Retirement

Q: Can a pension plan allow a member who has not reached normal retirement age to elect to begin payment of his or her pension while he or she continues employment?


A: No.  A member who has not reached normal retirement age must terminate employment before payment of the pension begins.  However, a plan can provide that a member who continues employment beyond normal retirement age may choose to begin pension payments. - 05/07





Pension Assessments


Q: I recently received a Pension Assessment invoice in the mail and have some questions.  Where can I get more information on the Pension Assessment?


A: FSCO has created a Pension Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions which answers some of the general questions related to the Pension Assessment. - 02/10






appcourt Applications to the Courts


Q: If I bring an application before a court for an order relating to a pension plan, or compliance with a provision of the Pension Benefits Act do I need to inform the Financial Services Commission of Ontario of the application?


A: Yes. FSCO should be informed of any application before a court that involves an interpretation or application of the PBA or Regulation 909. Such applications may include, but are not limited to, applications in respect of whether the pension plan provides for the payment of surplus to the employer on the wind up of the pension plan or an application involving an interpretation of a section of the PBA.


A copy of the court application and supporting documents should be provided to the Pension Officer assigned to the pension plan no later than the date that the application is filed with the court. Upon receipt of such documentation, FSCO will review the material and determine what action, if any, FSCO will take, given the circumstances and the facts provided. It is not necessary to name FSCO or the Superintendent of Financial Services as a party to the proceeding. If appropriate, FSCO will apply to the court to be added to the proceeding.


Any questions should be referred to the Pension Officer assigned to the pension plan. Up-to-date information on Pension Officer assignments is available through Pension Plan Information Access.


FSCO’s pension policies that deal with its involvement in court proceedings are currently under review and will be amended as needed to reflect the position noted here. - 10/08







fileAIROptions for Prescribed Filings


Q: I recently received a letter from FSCO about electronic filing and have some questions. Where can I get more information about this?


A: FSCO's FAQs on e-filing through the Pension Services Portal provides answers to some general questions about the option to electronically file all prescribed filings. - 02/12






refileAIRPBGF Re-filing of AIR and PBGF forms


Q: I have submitted both my Form 2 (AIR) and my Form 2.1 (PBGF Assessment Certificate) but now find that I have to revise the information contained in either or both of these forms. How do I make these changes?


A: FSCO's FAQs on submitting re-filing requests through the Pension Services Portal provides answers to questions about re-filing. - 07/13



Agreement Respecting Multi-jurisdictional Pension Plans (MJPPA)

In May 2011, the Governments of Ontario and Quebec announced the signing of the Agreement Respecting Multi-jurisdictional Pension Plans (MJPPA). The MJPPA establishes an efficient and transparent regulatory environment for multi-jurisdictional pension plans. The MJPPA will come into effect for Ontario and Quebec from July 1, 2011. - 05/11