New Delegated Administrator Role on PSP

​June 10, 2019 – New Delegated Administrator Role on PSP


In an effort to reduce the administrative burden placed on the Primary Administrator’s role (Pension Plan Administrators) on the Pension Services Portal (PSP), the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario has added a new role to the PSP that will expand delegation and revocation access.


The new role, Delegated Administrator (DA) will have the enhanced ability to delegate, revoke and create new PSP users to Pension Plans that are within their organization.


This new enhancement will allow DA’s the agility to self-manage their own teams to perform essential activities related to the administration of Pension Plans without directly involving the Primary Administrator.  In addition to being able to delegate, revoke and request new PSP users within their organization, DA’s will have full access to all PSP functions with the exception of actuarial certifications.


For more information please refer to our FAQs.


PSP Enhancement Diagram



 PSP enhancement diagram - updated state


 PSP enhancement diagram - updated state

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