FSCO’s electronic filing options are now available for the Pension Plan/Fund Financial Statements, Actuarial Valuation Report and Actuarial Information Summary

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The Pension Services Portal (PSP) now provides you with the option to electronically submit a Pension Plan/Fund Financial Statement (FS) and Actuarial Valuation Report (AVR) along with the new online fillable Actuarial Information Summary (AIS) form.  
We encourage you to use the electronic filing option as it is a faster and more efficient method.  As all the prescribed filings are now available on the PSP, FSCO will eventually require all prescribed filings to be submitted electronically through the PSP.
As the AIS form must be certified by an actuary who holds a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries designation, you must provide your actuary with access rights to the PSP.  This will allow them to complete and/or certify the AIS form before its submission.  For instructions on how to delegate access rights, please go to Frequently Asked Questions.
If you choose to file your AIS in paper format, the blank AIS form is available on FSCO’s website at www.fsco.gov.on.ca.   There are no changes to the paper form submission process.

How to File a FS, AVR, and AIS Electronically

To file a FS, AVR and AIS electronically, you first need to activate your PSP account by following the instructions included in your PSP account letter issued directly to you by FSCO.  If you have not received your unique PSP user ID and temporary password, please send an e-mail to: PensionInquiries@fsco.gov.on.ca.
Once you have activated your PSP account, you will be able to submit a pdf file of the FS and AVR, and complete and submit your AIS online by selecting the e-filing menu option.  Please remember that the AIS form must be certified electronically by an actuary who has been assigned as an Actuary role on their own PSP account.
For step-by-step instructions to electronically file the AVR, AIS and FS, please go to Instructions.

Delegating Authority

The PSP provides Pension Plan Administrators the option to delegate third parties/agents to file an AVR, AIS and FS on their behalf.  A Pension Plan Administrator must first activate their PSP account to enable them to delegate access to third parties and/or agents through the Home/Plan Profile menu.  The New Delegation function is located in the Actions window on-screen.
Although you may delegate some of your functions to third parties/agents, as the Pension Plan Administrator you are ultimately responsible for ensuring they are being performed accurately and in a timely manner.  You are also responsible for making sure that all of the third parties’ and/or agents’ actions meet the appropriate standard of care and comply with requirements of the Pension Benefits Act, and Regulations, and any applicable FSCO Pension Policies.

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More information is available on the New e-filing Option for Actuarial Information Summary, Actuarial Valuation Report and Pension Plan/Fund Financial Statements.
Brian Mills
Director, Pension Plans Branch
Financial Services Commission of Ontario

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