Updates to the Pension Services Portal (PSP)

When you access the PSP, you will notice the following enhancements:


A "re-submission" option has been added to the PSP to allow users to submit supporting documents to an Amendment application initially submitted through the PSP.  The application must be at status “awaiting response.” 
To submit supporting documents, follow these steps:
  1. Login to the PSP.
  2. Select “Applications” from the top navigation menu and select “Amendment” from the “Application” column.
  3. Select the applicable “Plan Number” and click on “Open Workspace” in the “Actions” column for the Amendment application that is at status “Awaiting Response.”
  4. On the “Application Workspace” page, go to the “Actions” window and select “Attach Document.”
  5. Attach the document(s) and follow the onscreen instructions.
  6. Once all requested documents have been uploaded, select “Submission Update” from the “Actions” window.
Note: If an Amendment application is filed on the PSP, please do not forward paper copies of the Amendment, or supporting documentation, such as the Application for Registration of a Pension Plan Amendment, Form 1.1, to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Filing Extension Requests for an Actuarial Valuation Report (AVR)

The questions on the "Application Profile" page for an AVR have been updated.  We now require additional information to support filing extension requests beyond 30 days.

Notification of Upcoming Filing Deadlines

Based on the comments we received through our summer 2014 PSP survey, we have removed the word “Urgent” from the 1st notification e-blast. 
We appreciate the feedback received from our stakeholders and will continue to take your comments/suggestions into consideration as we enhance the PSP.

Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund Assessment Certificate (PBGF)

We have updated Part 2 of the PBGF to allow a user with an Actuary role on the PSP to edit the “Valuation Date of Last Actuarial Report” fields for pension plans that are not registered with FSCO.
Please note that the Valuation Date and Period Covered fields on the PBGF are not editable for pension plans that are registered with FSCO.  The fields are prepopulated based on the valuation report on file in our database at the time the PBGF was completed.   If a more recent AVR is submitted through the PSP, there is a delay of up to two days from the date the recent AVR is submitted on PSP to when the report is updated onto our database.


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