Upcoming Pension Plan Filings

The deadlines for submitting some prescribed pension plan filings are coming up soon.

What has changed from last year?

All prescribed pension plan filings with a due date on or after January 1, 2013 must be filed electronically using the Pension Services Portal (PSP).  Paper filings are no longer accepted.

Why should I be concerned?

You should familiarize yourself with the PSP well in advance of all filing deadlines.  If you previously filed online, you should be aware that FSCO recently made updates to some of the e-filing processes.  If you have not previously filed through the PSP, it may take you some time to become familiar with the e-filing process. 
Not being familiar with e-filing process is not an acceptable reason for making a filing extension request.  If pension plan filings are not submitted on time, late filing fees and penalties may be incurred.

How can I get assistance with e-filing on the PSP?

We encourage you to visit FSCO’s website where you can access the following resources:

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