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Requesting Filing Extensions through the Pension Services Portal

Pension plan administrators and delegated individuals may request extensions for filing deadlines through the Pension Services Portal (PSP).
By using the PSP’s online application, filing extensions can be requested for all prescribed filings:
  • Annual Information Return (AIR);
  • Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund Assessment Certificate (PBGF);
  • Actuarial Valuation Report (AR) and accompanying Actuarial Information Summary (AIS); 
  • Pension Plan/Fund Financial Statements (FS); and
  • Investment Information Summary (IIS).
The PSP filing extension application process came into effect on May 28, 2012, and supplements the practice outlined in Pension Policy D050-801 (Extension of Deadline for Filings).
While written requests for filing extension can still be made, requests through the PSP generate a more efficient submission process and a faster response time.
How to Request a Filing Extension
Instructions for Making Filing Extension Requests through the PSP provide information on how to submit your request electronically.
Before making a filing request through the PSP
Before a filing extension request can be submitted through the PSP, a pension plan administrator must first activate his/her personal PSP account.  Once the PSP account is activated, the administrator may delegate PSP access to other individuals; any of who can then make a filing extension request. 
FSCO’s website has instructions and videos on activating a PSP account, logging into the PSP, or delegating access to the PSP.
If you have any questions about this process, refer to the FAQs on Submitting Filing Extension Requests through the PSP.  For further assistance, please email FSCO or call (416) 590-7177.