Pension Service Portal (PSP) Updates

The Pension Service Portal (PSP) will be unavailable on August 14, 2013

Please note that the Pension Service Portal (PSP) will be undergoing updates on August 14, 2013 to further improve the users’ experience, and will therefore be unavailable on that date.

Updates to the Pension Service Portal (PSP)

When you access the PSP after August 14th, you will notice the following enhancements:
  • New central access for all filings and applications:  The PSP will feature an updated and more central access point for all filings and applications forms. 
    • To access your filings or applications, click on the “E-Filing” link or the “Applications” link, respectively located in the blue navigation bar, along the top of the PSP
  • New automated reminders:  The PSP will issue automated reminders to users about upcoming filing deadlines.  These automated reminders will be issued to the Primary and Secondary Administrator users two months prior to a filing deadline, as well as two weeks before the filing deadline.
  • New functionality:  A “Notes” section will have been added to all Filing and Application Workspace screens to allow users to submit additional comments or information, if desired.
  • Improved access to previous Annual Information Return (AIR):  If an AIR was filed on the PSP in XML format, users will now be able to access the filing using the Filing Record. To view the AIR:

    1. Click on the white “E-filing” link in the blue navigation;

    2. Click on “Open Workspace” for the appropriate filing; and

    3. Click on “View AIR” in the Actions window to view the filing.

Pension Service Portal’s Actuarial Valuation Report


The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) reminds users that only portions of the Actuarial Information Summary (AIS) form required by FSCO may be completed on the PSP. However, the same form may be used to complete sections required by other jurisdictions.  To benefit from this design, users should:

  1. Access the Actuarial Valuation Report (AVR);
  2. Fill out the AIS form (Parts I to III, and Part VII);
  3. Submit on the PSP;
  4. Save a copy of the AIS on your local computer (click “View AIS” (PDF));
  5. Complete required portions of the form; and
  6. Submit to other jurisdictions, ensuring you are compliant with other jurisdictions’ legislation and policies.

Important Note:

The PSP currently accepts only Actuarial Valuation Reports, as required under Section 14 of the Regulation (Regular Funding Reports).  Other reports, such as Cost Certificates, or reports in support of an application, should continue to be submitted to FSCO in hard-copy format.
If you wish to submit a regular (triennial or annual) report, for an ongoing plan, at a time that does not coincide with the regular submission cycle, (or an “interim” report with an earlier-than-required valuation date), such reports must be submitted using the PSP. Users should access the existing AVR record in the Filing Record, and then adjust the valuation date in the Filing Profile.  If an outstanding record is not available on the PSP, please contact us at and request to have a record added.


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