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Improving Pension Regulatory Services (IPRS) - Report

Updated: July 2014

As a result of discussions with stakeholders in the pension community and the recommendations in the final report of the Ontario Expert Commission, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) made a commitment to improve its pension regulatory services. 


In 2009, FSCO established a framework to carry out this commitment through a multi-year initiative, "Improving Pension Regulatory Services Project" (IPRS).


The IPRS includes the following initiatives:
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach Project
  • Defined Benefit Application Processing Project
  • Inquiries and Complaints Project
  • Pension System Enhancement and Development Project
  • Risk-Based Regulation Project

FSCO has completed the first three initiatives and integrated them into FSCO's standard procedures. 


FSCO continues to focus on the Pension System Enhancement and Development Project and the Risk-Based Regulation Project.  


Each year, FSCO publishes the IPRS Report that summarizes FSCO's achievements over the past year, discusses the issues our stakeholders brought to our attention and how we responded, and looks ahead to challenges we are likely to face.


More information:

Consultation documents, updates, stakeholder submissions and related materials are available at FSCO's Stakeholder Consultations.