Bill 14 and Bill 151

Bill 14, An Act to promote access to justice by amending or repealing various Acts and by enacting the Legislation Act, 2006

Bill 14 changes section 93(10) of the PBA to read:

"93(10) An agreement and any amendment to an agreement is not a regulation within the meaning of Part III (Regulations) of the Legislation Act, 2006.”

Bill 14 received Royal Assent on October 19, 2006, to be effective October 19, 2007, or such earlier date as may be proclaimed by the Lieutenant Governor.

Bill 151, An Act to enact various 2006 Budget measures and to enact, amend or repeal various Acts

Bill 151, in schedule Z.1, amends section 93(4) of the PBA by adding the following clauses (d) through (f):


(d) any matter that may be provided for in an agreement under section 95;

(e) the reciprocal exchange, between the Superintendent and a person who has supervisory or regulatory powers under the pension benefits legislation of a prescribed jurisdiction, of information necessary for the purposes of,

    (i) complying with or implementing an agreement entered under this section, or

    (ii) the administration and enforcement of this Act and the regulations and the pension benefits legislation of the prescribed jurisdiction; and

(f) any prescribed matter.”

Bill 151 received Royal Assent on December 20, 2006 and these changes are effective on that date.

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