O-I Canada Corp. - May 28, 2007

IN THE MATTER OF the Pension Benefits Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.8 (PBA);

AND IN THE MATTER OF a Proposal by the Superintendent of Financial Services to make an Order under section 78(4) of the PBA consenting to a payment out of the O-I Canada Corp. Pension Plan I (the Plan), Registration Number 0242008



O-I Canada Corp.
777 Kipling Avenue
Toronto, ON   M8Z 5Z4




No Notice requiring a hearing was delivered to the Financial Services Tribunal by the Applicant or any other party within the time prescribed by section 89(6) of the PBA.


IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED to consent to the payment, out of the Plan, to O-I Canada Corp. , as at December 31, 2005 in the amount of $1,761,600 plus interest to the date of payment for the following reasons:

O-I Canada Corp.  is the employer as defined in the Plan.

As a result of an administrative error, contributions attributable to O-I Canada Corp. Pension Plan II have been deposited to the Plan.

Evidence of the overpayment to the fund has been submitted to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.


DATED at Toronto, Ontario, this  28th day of May, 2007


Tom Golfetto
Director, Pension Plans Branch
by Delegated Authority from
the Superintendent of Financial Services


Ms. Roberta Bixhorn, Owens Illinois

Ms. Katherine Brazel, Towers Perrin

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