Seven Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Cyber-Attack

Activities like emailing your insurance agent, uploading documents for your mortgage broker, or logging into your credit union account can increase your chance of cyber-attack.

Almost half of cyber-attacks start by criminals finding security openings without any motivation against the victim.

Taking simple steps on a regular basis can help reduce your risk and keep your information safe.

Here’s how to get started…

  1. Use complex passwords for each of your devices and services…Try full sentences only you would remember.

  2. Change the passwords on your devices and services every few months…Don’t use the same password twice.

  3. Update your software to the latest version whenever there is a new release…Updates often include new security features.

  4. Avoid using public Wi-Fi when dealing with financial service providers and opt for an encrypted or secure connection…Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings when you are not using them.

  5. If you receive an email from a financial service provider asking for information...
    ...give them a call (on a number not given in the email) to confirm it is legitimate. When in doubt, delete it.

  6. Use safe payment options, such as credit cards, when making purchases online.

  7. Start a discussion with your financial service providers so you understand how your information is kept safe.

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