Over 2,950 applications received from 3,276 facilities

October 1, 2014​ - Issue 10

As of September 29, 2014, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) received 2,935 licence applications representing 3,260 HCAI facilities.
FSCO committed to providing service providers who applied by August 31, 2014 with a licensing decision by November 30, 2014.  FSCO is now reviewing applications submitted in August. To date, FSCO has approved and issued 1,804 service provider licences representing 1,947 HCAI facilities.

FSCO's application review process takes time

The due diligence involved in FSCO’s assessment of applications takes time and includes criminal background checks. If you hold off on applying until later this fall, there is a good chance you may not receive a licensing decision from FSCO before 2015.

Regional service provider information sessions underway

Beginning December 1, 2014, insurers will only be able to directly pay licensed service providers for specific listed expenses in connection with statutory accident benefits.

Have questions or concerns about service provider licensing? Make sure to participate in one of FSCO’s information sessions. At FSCO’s information sessions, staff discuss the benefits of licensing and answer your questions about licensing.

Over 30 participants attended FSCO’s Kitchener-Waterloo information session 

Thank you to all those who attended FSCO’s Kitchener-Waterloo service provider information session on September 30, 2014.

FSCO's next stop: Windsor, Ontario

FSCO is set to host an information session in Windsor on October 15, 2014. If you have facilities, branches and/or locations in the Windsor area, visit FSCO's website to register for the October 15th session. Want to participate, but can't make it to the session? Visit FSCO's website to find out how you can participate via live-stream.
Register online via Eventbrite [New Window].

FSCO is coming to Thunder Bay, Ontario

If you have facilities, branches and/or locations in Northern Ontario, stay tuned for details on FSCO’s upcoming information session in Thunder Bay. 

Past sessions

Video recordings from past sessions are available on FSCO’s website. 

Have questions? Make sure to consult FSCO’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) portal   

FSCO is always adding new frequently asked questions to its FAQ Portal; check back regularly.

By law, FSCO must maintain a public registry of licensed service providers

FSCO’s public registry currently lists the legal or trade name, as applicable, of licensed service providers. Newly licensed service providers are being added to the public registry every Wednesday.  By December 1, 2014, FSCO’s public registry will include all those service providers that have been issued a licence to date.

More to come

By December 1, 2014, FSCO’s public registry will be expanded to include service providers’:
  • Licence numbers
  • Ontario mailing addresses
  • Licence issue dates
  • Licence statuses
  • Licence conditions
  • Previous licence statuses
  • Principal representatives
  • facilities, branches and/or locations within Ontario
Visit FSCO's website for commonly asked questions about the public registry.

Where to go for more information

For more information about service provider licensing, remember to:

Looking for assistance?

FSCO is committed to promptly responding to service provider inquiries, and posts answers to frequently asked questions on its website. If after consulting FSCO's FAQs you still cannot find what you are looking for, contact FSCO.