The Trade Name listed under your Service Provider licence has expired or will expire before March 31, 2016

​If your Trade Name expires, it will be removed from FSCO's Public Registry of Licensed Service Providers, and insurers will no longer be able to pay you directly for listed expenses under that Trade Name.

To ensure that your Trade Name remains valid, you must renew it every five years. To renew, go to ServiceOntario Business Name Registration [New Window] and select "4. Search, Register and renew online."


Once you have renewed the registration of your Trade Name with Service Ontario, you can submit an application to update the Trade Name information on your Service Provider licence. Simply log onto your FSCO account and make the change online.

Remember: You are responsible for making sure FSCO has your up-to-date business information.

For more information, go to FSCO's Questions & Answers on Licensing Application and Corporate Name Changes.

If you have questions, email Please include your FSCO-issued Service Provider licence number in your email.