Application for Private Passenger Automobile Insurance Rate and Risk Classification Filings

FSCO Reviews and approves complete applications (filings) for changes to automobile insurance rates and risk classification systems (RCS).


The timing for the review and approval of an application depends on a number of factors:


  • the complexity of the application such as changes to existing RCS elements definitions and differentials, new RCS elements, and new modeling techniques;
  • the number of information requests or need for clarification of information received in the application;
  • modifications to the application from that originally submitted; and
  • the number of applications that FSCO is dealing with at any given time.

While reviewing rate filing applications, "timeout" days are excluded from the review and approval period.  These are the times or the number of days when FSCO has limited or no control over the processing of the application.  The following are considered "timeout" periods:


  • The number of days between the date FSCO sends technical questions or requests the insurer to provide additional information to clarify material in the application and the date on which the company provides a complete and satisfactory response.
  • The number of days between the date a filing is returned to the company by FSCO through ARCTICS and the date which the filing is re-submitted.
  • The number of days between the date a company has been notified by FSCO of the differences in actuarial analysis and the date the company re-submits revisions to the proposed rate level changes, as required.