Recent Enforcement Actions - Multiple Sectors

Below is a listing of the enforcement actions FSCO has taken in the past 60 days in the following regulated sectors: Insurance, mortgage brokering, credit unions & caisses populaires, and loan & trust corporations.


Last Name, First Name and/or Company NameRegistrant / EntityTypeRegistrant NumberEnforcement ActionAction DateFST HearingAppeal or Judicial Review
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada Insurance Companies299Administrative Monetary PenaltyNov 21, 2018
Khamba, Nirmal Insurance Agents04081410Administrative Monetary PenaltyNov 20, 2018
Jane Yonge Rehabilitation Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP13936SuspensionNov 13, 2018
Proactive 1 Health Care Limited Health Care ProvidersSP14069SuspensionNov 13, 2018
Malgorzata Kaczanowska Health Care ProvidersSP14179SuspensionNov 13, 2018
The Oblitey Group Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP14323SuspensionNov 13, 2018
OmSai Physiotherapy Clinic (Etobicoke) Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP14557SuspensionNov 13, 2018
Health Care Specialists Assessments Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP14589SuspensionNov 13, 2018
Mississauga Active Physiotherapy Services Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP14264Administrative Monetary PenaltyNov 07, 2018
2210968 Ontario Inc. O/A GCA Group Mortgage Brokerages Administrative Monetary PenaltyOct 31, 2018
Karen Brenda Harrington Health Care ProvidersSP10069SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Independent Rehabilitation Services Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP10191SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Catherine Noel Moran Health Care ProvidersSP10258SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Metromed Healthcare Centre Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP10285SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Custom Rehab and Assessments Canada Ltd. Health Care ProvidersSP10332SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Gates, Robert Health Care ProvidersSP12094SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Marando, Paul Health Care ProvidersSP12346SuspensionOct 31, 2018
2139428 Ontario Ltd. Health Care ProvidersSP12486SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Dilley, Heather Health Care ProvidersSP12508SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Wendy C. Chan Psychology Professional Corporation Health Care ProvidersSP12708SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Kristine Newman Health Care ProvidersSP13166SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Thistletown Rehabilitation Centre Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP13305SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Belcastro Massage Therapy Professional Corporation Health Care ProvidersSP13348SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Jason Clark Health Care ProvidersSP13486SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Ortho Rehab Group Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP13610SuspensionOct 31, 2018
East End Rehabilitation Clinic Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP13712SuspensionOct 31, 2018
Cambridge Medical Assessments Inc. Health Care ProvidersSP13935SuspensionOct 31, 2018
McDonald, John Insurance Agents95033405Order to RevokeOct 30, 2018
McDonald, John Insurance Agents95033405Administrative Monetary PenaltyOct 30, 2018
Benefits Inc. Insurance Corporate Agencies31654MOrder to RevokeOct 30, 2018
Benefits Inc. Insurance Corporate Agencies31654MAdministrative Monetary PenaltyOct 30, 2018
I.G. Insurance Services Inc. Insurance Corporate Agencies24303MAdministrative Monetary PenaltyOct 30, 2018
Sharma, Rachna Insurance Agents10115764Order to RevokeOct 26, 2018
Saggu, Sundeep Mortgage AgentsM08009887Administrative Monetary PenaltyOct 22, 2018
Coros, Alain Insurance Agents13132897Administrative Monetary PenaltyOct 22, 2018
Tabidze, Lili Insurance Agents Permanent Cease and Desist OrderOct 17, 2018

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Information about FSCO's enforcement actions in the pension sector appear in FSCO's Pension Bulletin Online.

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