What to Do If You Think You are a Victim of a Scam or Fraud

If you suspect that you may be a victim or target of a scam or fraud, you are not alone and you can help put an end to the scam or fraud by reporting it.


As a first step, report the matter to your local police. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also submit a tip to Crime Stoppers [New Window] (1-800-222-TIPS).  You may also file a report to FSCO’s Auto Insurance Fraud Hotline or call 1-855-5TIP-NOW.


If you wish to obtain legal advice, please note that the Law Society of Upper Canada [New Window] has services to help you find a legal professional.


There are a number of organizations that you can contact for help, including the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). See below for a list of organizations.


How FSCO Can Help


FSCO handles complaints about individuals and/or companies operating in the insurance, mortgage brokering, credit unions and caisses populaires, pensions, health service providers and loan and trust corporation sectors. When it believes there may be non-compliance with legislation and regulations, FSCO conducts a thorough complaint review. Depending on its findings, FSCO may take enforcement action.


If you have a complaint about an individual or company operating in Ontario in the following sectors, please click on the links below to find out more:


If you are unsure or for all other complaints, you can email, fax or call FSCO.


Email: contactcentre@fsco.gov.on.ca
Fax: (416) 590-7070
Telephone: 416-250-7250
Toll free: 1-800-668-0128
TTY: 1-800-387-0584


Other Organizations that Can Help