Recognize, Reject and Report Auto Insurance Fraud: Organized Fraud

Organized auto insurance fraud is when a group of individuals...

...take advantage of the insurance system.

This includes participating in or organizing a staged auto accident,

...and recruiting others to participate in a staged auto accident.

It also includes health service providers and paralegals falsifying records of health treatments...

...and auto body repair shops creating fake repairs or inflated repair claims.

Organized auto insurance fraud is dangerous to drivers and puts innocent drivers at risk.

It is illegal and an offence under the federal Criminal Code for anyone to defraud an insurance company.

If convicted, the offenders could face jail time, their insurance coverage could be withdrawn and they could face a hefty fine.

If you suspect you’ve been in a staged auto accident, or if you’re asked to participate in any way... your local police and inform your insurance company.

Auto insurance fraud raises insurance premiums and costs you money.

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