Designated Assessment Centres (DACs)

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The following content was archived on March 1, 2006, and is provided for historical reference. Information is subject to change and may no longer be accurate.

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Please note that effective March 1, 2006, Designated Assessment Centre (DACs) have been eliminated from the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. The information and documents listed below will continue to be available for your information.


Further information on the elimination of DACs and transitional issues:



Designated Assessment Centres (DACs) Archive​


Since January 1994, Designated Assessment Centres (DACs) have been in place across Ontario for automobile insurance companies and claimants to use when they need a neutral third-party opinion about a claimant's injuries and the accident benefits that apply to those injuries.

DACs are authorized to conduct independent assessments that are designed to balance the interests of both insurance companies and claimants. Insurers are required to initiate and pay for the cost of the assessment, and the claimant is required to cooperate in the assessment process.

The final report of the DAC is binding, and the insurer must adjust the statutory accident benefits to reflect the DAC findings. If a dispute still exists after the DAC assessment, the parties may use the mediation services at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario to try to resolve the dispute.



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