Certificate of Automobile Insurance for OPF 1 (or OAP 1) - Owner's Policy



No. A-02/94
Property & Casualty
Here is the final English version of the new plain language Certificate of Automobile Insurance. Please use this form for all new business written after March 31, 1994, and for all renewal business after May 31, 1994.


In addition to the English certificate, we are attaching a data element list and explanatory notes on those elements.


French versions of the Certificate of Automobile Insurance, a data element list and accompanying element explanations will follow shortly.


As well, we'll soon be releasing the new plain language policy form OAP 1 (formerly OPF 1) and the application form (OAF 1). When they're ready we'll send you another bulletin and samples of those forms.


D. Blair Tully

February 16, 1994

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